Tom McCloud Publisher, Community Spirit Why I Believe… I believe because of…eyebrows. Yes, those silly little tufts of hair over our eyes testify to me that we were “intelligently created” rather than somehow “evolving out of nothing.” These odd bits of hair have a purpose. I once knew a guy with a strange illness that eliminated every hair on his body. The sweat nearly blinded him each summer as without eyebrows, nothing kept the sweat from running directly into his eyes. So did “natural selection” cause eyebrows to form? Now that is a silly mental picture as I imagine every creature without eyebrows running blindly into the mouths of the nearest wild beast. No, I have to believe that eyebrows are only one of a long list of “oddities” which prove our bodies were created with great intellect and precision. I also believe because of the testimony of those around me. The voices of the hundreds of people we have interviewed over the last seven years shout out to me of a God big enough to create the world and yet personal enough to want a relationship with those He created. Yes, I believe in God and He has never let me down. I could tell you stories of mysterious checks arriving just in time to make payroll, or of friends who were miraculously healed to live out a specific purpose. Call me and I will share such things with you. But for the sake of this short statement, just suffice it to say that I believe in a God who takes care of every detail…even those perfectly placed little lines of hair called “eyebrows.”